Everything you need to persist through barriers &
achieve the HIGH-LEVEL results you deserve

John Lavenia's Success Mastermind will give you the clarity, support, and resources to:

  • DECIDE: Indecision is the great waster of time. Discover how to regain confidence in your ability to decide on a course of action and follow-through with it, despite challenges and adversities.
  • PERSIST: Every venture has challenges. Even the best of opportunities come with defeat at times. Discover proven methods of recharging your motivation so you can persist through any and all difficulties to achieve the success you desire.
  • FOCUS: Ever feel like you're being moved from one thing to another? Do you give your all for a few days and then find yourself having to restart again? Learn the proven strategy to stay focused everyday on the most vital activities that will bring you the success you want.
  • COLLABORATE: Be a part of a community of like-minded, goal-focused individuals who are ready to give you insight, support and feedback.
  • ​BE ACCOUNTABLE: Need that extra push? Want to know that you have a mentor and leader who has your back? This mastermind will
If you've been yearning for a community of empowerment, success, leadership, collaboration and creation - this is it. 
Achieve High Level Goals Faster
Have you ever started out towards a given goal but found yourself derailed, off-course and perplexed at your own inactivity?
Most people do.
The proven plan of action you'll get in this mastermind, combined with daily coaching and accountability will give you the same tools, resources and pathway that business leaders internationally use to be at the top of their fame.

Launch & Grow Faster
Whether you are new to online business or a seasoned veteran, you'll gain a wealth of "how-to" knowledge with our "Expert Spotlight" series open to members only.
We bring you our network of social media, branding, marketing, finance, Amazon reselling, drop-shipping experts and more to help you achieve more faster and with less confusion.

  RESULT #3:
Getting It Done With Excellence
Discover top performer secrets to time management, efficiency, and organization. Learn how to plan masterfully, grow rapidly, and develop a team that gives you the ability to work more on your business than in your business.

Ready to achieve more with less stress and greater success? This is how you do it and get it done.

What You Get In This Exclusive Mastermind:

Benefit from live, on-purpose coaching with business expert John Lavenia and facilitating coaches. The group coaching aspect enables you to get answers when you need them most, helping you stay focused, motivated, and on-purpose in your mission.
Stay plugged-in and accountable in your business with access to Live Daily Success & Mastermind Calls. Connect with other members, coaches, and mentors, developing your entrepreneurial mindset. Call topics include:
- Peak Performance
- Mindset
- Handling Critics & Naysayers
- Overcoming Doubt, Fear and Procrastination
- Time Management
- Outsourcing and Leverage
- Goal Achievement
- Branding & Marketing Strategy
- Sales Skill Development
- Finance
- And More. Topics are developed based on Mastermind Member's needs and wants.

Benefit from our vast network of industry experts who will be coming to the Success Mastermind to teach you how to grow your business, develop your mindset, and create great success. Avoid the mistakes and pitfalls most entrepreneurs make by leveraging expert guidance and advice.

Members will also have access to exclusive free resources, courses, and member only discounts.

Discover the power of a united community giving you ideas that can further your success and help you realize your targets faster. Benefit from the collective experience of hundreds of members who are aligned with the purpose of the mastermind.

This is literally thousands of dollars worth of coaching, advice, and mentorship for less than the cost of a cup of coffee a day. You won't find this much education, support, leadership, or a community as engaged and committed to masterminding anywhere else.  
Join now and get exclusive private access to the Success Mastermind Community and receive access for 2 weeks free. After that, continue for just $499 $49/month. Cancel anytime.
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What to expect.
We offer a 14-day no-charge free-trial so we can both be sure this mastermind is the right fit for you and for us. Our members are driven, motivated, positive, and creating on their goals daily. We don't allow negativity, bullying, insults, or any other behavior that is not conducive to a true mastermind. We foster connection, collaboration, creation, and results. You cancel anytime. We ask that you take this free 14 days to absorb as much of this incredible community and education as possible and make your decision to stay or go. There are no refunds. By completing your order, you acknowledge and accept these terms. 
About John Lavenia

John Lavenia is an author, speaker and trainer whose teachings come from real-world experience and wisdom gathered over thirty years of studying human potential. Born in New Jersey in 1970, his early life was that of a struggling youth. After years of witnessing hardship and purposeless survival in his own life and the lives of others, he was introduced to personal development principles at the still young age of 16.

His adoption and application of principle-based living techniques was immediate and unremitting, displaying an unusually high determination to discover answers to the challenges of life we all face. His path has included the study of many great thinkers and high producers in recent history, as well as a variety of spiritually oriented teachings of Eastern and Western lineage.

The result is that of a true rags-to-riches story, and the ability to show others how they can duplicate success and create tremendous effectiveness in their life. As a likely result of his “hard knocks” beginnings, and the necessity of taking personal responsibility for his own evolution, John has been known for his direct and “in-your-face” delivery. This has earned him the title of “The Godzilla of Personal Growth”. He is often quoted as he sets the ground-rules for his trainings by stating, “If I say anything that offends you… you’ll get over it.”

Thousands of entrepreneurs, salespeople and success-seekers throughout the world have attributed breakthroughs in their effectiveness to ideas they gained in his teachings.

Hey John,

reading your book again. And again. And again. It's fantastic and continues to be one of THE best personal development books that I have read to date. Hell, I could safely say ever!

Thanks for taking the time to write and edit it and expand your circle of influence

I went from making $50-60K per year to easily making over that in a month just following some of the same simple principles John teaches. - Andy G.
Your selfless dedication to helping others get the most out of life is nothing short of incredible.  Anyone who has the desire to change their personal and or financial situation can get results immediately. My business continues to grow and prosper everyday because of your leadership. Thanks for your devotion to assisting others achieve personal and financial freedom. - Tim D.

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